What Our Clients Are Saying…


New York

“Working with Analogue Imaging has been a complete pleasure. I have worked with many different technology vendors over the years, and Analogue Imaging has been one of the best. The process of researching models, obtaining a quote, taking delivery, and scheduling training on our VERSASCAN 2550 was seamless. I’ve been completely satisfied with every aspect of working with Analogue Imaging.”



“We have used SMA Digitization equipment for over 7 years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of work it has produced. SMA has not only met but exceeded our expectations. Analogue Imaging service has been outstanding with great response time and providing detailed support when needed.”



“I just wanted to follow up to say we love the Verascan! We use it to scan new items as we produce them and are building a digital “library” based on the scans, since we have so many custom items. We’ve also been able to use it for all kinds of other things, for example, our Design Department has been using it to scan real samples of wood or stone to develop Photoshop files for new patterns.”

SGIA Journal

Nov/Dec 2018

“The winner of our Large-Format Scanner category – first introduced in 2016 – was SMA e-Document GmbH with their SMA Versascan. The Versascan is a German manufactured large-format flatbed scanner. Optical resolutions of 600 by 1200 dpi and V3D scanning allow the scanner to capture structured surfaces as well as all flat originals. I was very impressed with the detail from the 3D scans – the samples included carpet, a piece of wood and small rocks. The images captured all the nuances of the 3D objects.”


North Carolina

“I’ve worked with every aspect of electronic equipment and equipment companies, with the exception of designing or selling equipment. In my 40 years of working on, with, and around electronic equipment, from vacuum tube radio transmitters to digital document scanners, I can honestly say that I know of no better equipment for the money than SMA Imaging Equipment and no better people to work with than those at Analogue Imaging.”



“I get asked a lot of questions about other large projects, like the Verascan. I’ve used Analog Imaging/ Verascan as a good example of how a vendor should be in terms of setting up trials to show off their product, quick response on customer questions, delivery dates, install date, training, and so on! Everyone here has been impressed on how smooth and organized the Verascan project has been.”




“We have worked with Analogue Imaging for over 10 years. Their expertise and honesty is prominent in everything they say and do. This is a company that can be trusted to streamline your challenges. The SMA line of equipment is one of the best values for quality on the market today.”



“I just have to say that I am really impressed with the service after the sale. You and your team have gone above and beyond to assist us while transitioning from the fourth to the first floor. In reference to the actual VERSASCAN, this is one of the best purchases we have ever made. I am happy with the quality of image renderings and the ease with which we can complete new digital projects.”