Large Flatbed Scanners

Get Ready for a NEW Dimension of Scanning!

Introducing V3D Scanning

SMA is proud to announce the SMA VERSASCAN, Specialty Graphic and Imaging Association’s Product of the Year. In addition to your 2D flat originals, the VERSASCAN is equipped with V3D technology that creates the opportunity to scan structured surfaces.

  • Wood
  • Carpet
  • Braille
  • Botanicals
  • Fabric
  • Metals
  • Seals
  • Tires
  • Textiles
  • Plastic
  • Wallpaper
  • Geological
  • Rubber
  • Coins
  • Artwork
  • Circuit Boards

Resetting the Standard

SMA e-Document GmbH manufactures the largest flatbed scanner in the world. Your large format needs are met with a full line of flatbed scanners varying from A1+ to Triple A0+. The VERSASCAN produces TRUE Optical resolutions of up to 600 x 1200 dpi in bi-tonal, grey scale, and color in very little time. All SMA scanners achieve a geometrical accuracy of <0.1%.

What is V3D Scanning?

Using principles based on multiple lighting angles, V3D technology increases the depth of field significantly, offering perfect reproductions of nearly any structured surface. This unique approach raises the outstanding image quality of SMA scanners to the next level.

The Need for Speed

SMA flatbed scanners were designed for applications where superior resolution and speed is critical. Unlike traditional digital camera back systems that demand lengthy preparation times, the VERSASCAN requires little to no set up, significantly increasing productivity. In addition, the utilized gigabit Ethernet interface guarantees the highest possible image transfer rates.

Total Convenience

Operating the VERSASCAN is as easy as using a photocopier. The scan can be engaged via the scan pad, foot pedal, mouse, or keyboard to accommodate all users. For flat originals, the V3D function can be easily disabled to scan in 2D. Additionally, the VERSASCAN includes a fold-up & roll-away mounting system to easily move your scanner through doorways – regardless of its size.

Bring it to Light

The VERSACAN family utilizes LED lighting completely free of any ultraviolet or infrared radiation. This guarantees harmless and uniform illumination. Like all SMA scanners, the VERSASCAN operates independent of ambient light, and can be utilized in all lighting environments. Bright sunlight or intense ceiling light does not interfere in the scanning process, eliminating costly dark room enhancements.

German Manufacturing

SMA e-Document GmbH is a worldwide leader of research and development in the large format sector. Our German engineered machines were designed specifically with the safety and integrity of the original in mind. Accurate historical preservation, eco sustainability, and product longevity are reasons why SMA continues to lead the way. Robust manufacturing coupled with state of the art technology ensures the VERSASCAN is capable of meeting today’s standards, as well as the inevitable increased scanning requirements of tomorrow.

Here at Analogue Imaging and SMA, we know Russ and Josef would be proud. As our mission statement says,

“We believe that the past should always have the opportunity to accurately present itself in the future.”

This not only pertains to our products, but the past, present and future people that continue the vision that began back in 1966.