Décor & Fine Art

The SMA Versascan is uniquely designed to capture the complexities of the décor and fine art industries. This scanner features CCD line sensor array technology and the largest scan bed area to accommodate all size pieces and applications. 

The included V3D technology is able to capture depth and dimension, significantly reducing post-processing software enhancements to streamline the scanning process. With the highest optical resolutions available and the fastest scan speeds on the market, the SMA Versascan has been proven to exponentially increase your day-to-day productivity.

Industry Applications

  • Wallpaper
  • Art Reproduction
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Stone & Tile
  • Fabric
  • Carpet
  • Insurance and Valuation Purposes

Recommended Products

SMA Versascan

About the SMA Verascan

SMA is a premier manufacturer of high quality, reliable digital scanners for the décor and fine art industries. Analogue Imaging is proud to offer customers the full line of SMA Verascan scanners including:

  • A1 2550
  • A0 3650
  • Double A0 36100
  • 2A0 4870

The SMA Verascan line offers consistent and identical capabilities, regardless of the scanner type chosen. The differentiating features between each scanner is the scan bed area size and the resulting scanning time required, with sizes available from 25” x 50” up to 36” x 100” all with 600 DPI true optical resolution.

How to Use the SMA Verascan

The SMA Versascan is extremely user friendly for both novices and experts. The operator places the original piece on the scan bed and engages the scan via the included foot pedal, touch pad, or keyboard. All SMA scanners incorporate intuitive scanning software for all scanning functions and operations including 3D lighting, brightness, contrast, resolution, cropping/deskewing, sharpness, etc. All digitizations are achieved in less than 16 seconds, pending the size scanner of the SMA Verascan.

Note: There are no structural components on the SMA Versascan that prohibit the operator from scanning an original that is larger than the scan bed size.