SMA 51

The No. 1 Product on the Market!

16mm & 35mm Archive Writer to Create Long Term Storage on Microfilm from your Digital Files

A very cost effective process that will save your essential data onto the proven media microfilm. The microfilm created will satisfy all of your long term archive requirements.

The SMA 51 produces an analog backup of your digital files that is completely hardware, software, and migration independent.

Microfilm, produced properly and stored under the right conditions has an ANSI certified life expectancy rating of 500 years. Unlike digital files, microfilm cannot be manipulated through coding, it cannot get a virus or spyware, and it cannot be hacked by malicious parties.


The SMA 51 can handle all common image files such as TIFF, JPEG and PDF etc. The SMA 51 will accept and write bitonal, grey scale, or color images with no file size restrictions. The converting process is quick and reliable providing excellent image quality. The original document size can vary from as small as a postcard up to large maps and engineering drawings. The SMA 51 requires minimal user intervention, once the converting process has begun, the system will work unattended.

The system includes a PC workstation and intuitive operating software to manage digital files.

High Productivity

The SMA 51 is the fastest 16/35 mm Archive Writer in the world. In duplex mode, the SMA 51 can write up to 8200 images per hour to 16mm microfilm. For smaller originals – such as library cards, checks etc. – an optional available nesting tool can pre-arrange the images which results in a much higher frame per hour conversion rate.

Continuous Savings

The SMA 51 does NOT require the use of proprietary film. The SMA 51 will write to ANY standard silver halide camera microfilm. The SMA 51 gives you the opportunity to shop for the lowest priced standard microfilm (any brand), the flexibility and cost savings will increase exponentially through the lifetime of ownership.

Here at Analogue Imaging and SMA, we know Russ and Josef would be proud. As our mission statement says,

“We believe that the past should always have the opportunity to accurately present itself in the future.”

This not only pertains to our products, but the past, present and future people that continue the vision that began back in 1966.